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Assessing the FLITE Strategic Plan: 4.2 Review and update all job descriptions, including vacant positions

Formula & Score-at-a-Glance

4.2 Review and update all job descriptions, including vacant positions

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  • The Admin Team has met with all faculty and staff individually to discuss their jobs, and assistant deans are working with faculty to establish current job descriptions by the end of July 2016 based on a process framework established by the end of March 2016.
  • We will review the notes from the staff conversations and hold one or more group discussions with staff during July 2016 (schedules permitting).

Associated Measures

Associated Data

  • Duty rosters and job descriptions for CTs
  • Librarian job descriptions and liaison roles
  • CTA Agreement


  • XX # of conversations with functional work teams by FYXX
  • XX # of job descriptions have updated job descriptions by FYXX
  • Annual review of faculty job descriptions per Workload Policy
  • Annual review of duty rosters - remain compliant with CTA agreement

Rubrics/Questions Used to Determine Score


  • Conversations are held
  • Job descriptions updated and stored (where?)
  • Job descriptions officially updated in HR

Data Collector & Frequency

Data Collector/Owner(s):

  • Scott Garrison
  • Carrie Donovan
  • Leah Monger

[Note: Scott Garrison and Carrie Donovan are no longer employed at FLITE. March 2019]