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Assessing the FLITE Strategic Plan: 3.2 Replace “punitive” signage with “affirmative” signage

Formula & Score-at-a-Glance

3.2 Replace “punitive” signage with “affirmative” signage

 green square 

Formula: Functional signage + affirmative signage = users report feeling welcomed and self-actualized in FLITE


  • What was the process? Who worked on this? Is there on an ongoing process?
  • FLITE Space Utilization and Furnishings Team works with RIS and others to ensure consistent image/wording on all signs.

Associated Measures

Associated Data

  • Survey data
  • Lib Answers - Look at directional questions (pre/post 2016)
  • Lib Answers - Noise complaints 
  • Suggestion box


  • All signs are functional and featuring affirmative language by December 16, 2016
  • XX % of users report positive impact in regards to signage

Rubrics/Questions Used to Determine Score

  • Fixed-answer or short answer surveys distributed to random samples of library users demonstrate the perceived positivity and functionality of signage in FLITE.


  • 85% of users report positive impact of signage
  • Many signs have been updated and there has been a cohesive design style applied to signage.
  • No surveys have been done about signage.

Data Collector & Frequency

Data Collector/Owner(s):

  • Carrie Donovan

[Note: Carrie Donovan is no longer employed by FLITE. March 2019]