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Assessing the FLITE Strategic Plan: 2.3 Evaluate and replace enterprise and ancillary online systems

Formula & Score-at-a-Glance

2.3 Evaluate and replace enterprise and ancillary online systems

   green square means success

Formula #1: Number of library serves and self-hosted services < online systems that support library community practice and standards

Formula #2: Number of home-grown systems < commercial services


  • Establish a variety of committees and/or task forces, including the Scheduling Software Task Force
  • Participate in statewide programs ??

Associated Measures

Associated Data


  • Home-grown booking system replaced by LibCal by FY 2017
  • Squirrel Mail accounts that are both incoming and outgoing will be switched to Outlook by 2017
  • SUMA will be piloted in FY 2017
  • ILLiad will be moved to either a virtual server or cloud hosting by OCLZC when the warranty on the current server runs out – which fiscal year?
  • The FLITE web site will be moved to Omni by FY 19
  • * The KCAD web site will be moved to Omni by FY 20
  • Library management system (LMS) will be replaced by FY 2019
  • OLLARA (home-grown ERM) will be replaced with new LMS by FY2019

Rubrics/Questions Used to Determine Score

  • Have we eliminated home-grown systems?
  • How many cloud-hosted solutions have we implemented to replace older systems?
  • Have we reduced the number of servers in the FLITE server room?
  • Has staff time needed to maintain servers, upgrade operating systems, install patches, upgrade local instance of system software, etc. been reduced?
  • Have library services for end-users been enhanced?
  • Is there seamless integration between library services and campus ERP systems?
  • Are there more efficient staff workflows?


  • Home-grown booking system replaced by LibCal (August 2016)
  • We are involved in the Michigan Academic Shared Library Management System RFP process
  • We are adding new Springshare products to harmonize our web-based services offerings
  • Database listing pages replaced by Springshare A-Z assets (September 2016)
  • ILLiad was moved to a virtual server (Late fall 2018)
  • The FLITE web site was moved to Omni (August 2018)
  • Library management system (LMS) implementation plans began in Fall 2018 with planned implementation in Summer 2019

Data Collector & Frequency

Data Collector(s):

  • Jason Proefrock
  • Leah Monger
  • Web Services Librarian
  • Gary Maixner ??


  • Annually