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Assessing the FLITE Strategic Plan: 1.5 Report data/results to the university community to tell the library’s story

Formula & Score-at-a-Glance

1.5 Report data/results to the university community to tell the library’s story

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Formula: Qualitative and quantitative data + presentations, reports, web pages, infographics, data visualization, social media, and other communication = the library’s story


  • Collect appropriate and relevant data
  • Identify opportunities to present about FLITE Library

Associated Measures

Associated Data

  • ACRL, IPEDS, reports, etc.


  • ?%of all available library data will be stored in LibInsight by the end of FY2017
  • A “FLITE by the numbers” dashboard will be created using LibInsight
  • Results of surveys, focus groups, and other information collecting efforts plus enhancements made as a result of such input are reported to the Ferris community
  • Infographics, other data visualization methods, plus individual success stories are used to illustrate the impact of library services
  • FLITE section of Ferris Fact Book will be presented in a new infographic-style format
  • Data collected will be entered into TracDat

Rubrics/Questions Used to Determine Score

  • How much library data has been ingested into LibInsight and how much remains to input?
  • How is the library publicizing its impact stories and is data being used to tell those stories?
  • What ROI does the library received from this new approach to advertising its value ot the mission of the university?
  • Are satisfaction measures higher?
  • Is funding increased?
  • Is there increased use of library services?
  • Changes and enhancements made in response to information/data collected
  • Library users report great satisfaction with library resources and services
  • Library resources and services received greater use due to marketing and advertising efforts


ACRL and IPEDS data is collected, but no formal application or distribution within FLITE or Ferris has occurred. This goal is ambitious and should be considered for the next strategic plan in some form. (March 2019)

Data Collector & Frequency

Data Collector(s):

  • Leah Monger
  • Scott Garrison
  • Carrie Donovan
  • Gary Maixner
  • David Scott
  • Assessment Committee

[Note: Scott Garrison, Carrie Donovan, and Gary Maixner were not longer employed by FLITE as of February 2019.]


  • Quarterly