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Assessing the FLITE Strategic Plan: Initiative 5

Initiative 1

Initiative 5: All library positions and work teams are refined and developed, to deliver collaboration, responsiveness, and innovation

Measures of Success:

  1. Library positions and work teams are reviewed and revised regularly.
  2. Library employees know and can articulate position priorities and how library work is evolving so we may fill positions efficiently when vacancies occur.
  3. Library employees report it increasing numbers that our organizational structure is helping u achieve our Culture Vision.
  4. Library major functional teams and other work teams have annual plans.

Action Steps:

5.1 Review library and work teams to ensure we have a sustainable number, with clear and understood charges, annual plans and review cycles green box equals success

5.2 Review and update the liaison program yellow square

5.3 Identify and prioritize professional development and involvement experiences for all employees yellow square

5.4 Fill vacant positions as efficiently as possible, based on current and near-future needs yellow square

5.5 Charge a new FLITE Diversity Committee to support Ferris’ 2016-2021 Diversity and Inclusion Plan yellow square