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Assessing the FLITE Strategic Plan: Initiative 4

Initiative 4: All library positions have clear roles, responsibilities, relationships to one another and priorities

Measures of Success:

  1. Library employees understand and can articulate their own and others’ roles.
  2. Library employees have an annual work plan as part of their major functional teams.
  3. Library employees understand and can articulate how their position furthers teams’ plans and the library’s strategic plan, helps the library meet or exceed user expectations, etc.
  4. Library employees understand and can articulate how decisions get made in the library.
  5. Library employees report feeling engaged in and valued for their work and valuable to the library.
  6. Library employees have an annual professional development plan.

Action Steps:

4.1 Establish annual plans for all positions as described as of 2015 (in conjunction with major functional and other work teams’ plans) yellow square

4.2 Review and update all job descriptions, including vacant positions yellow square

4.3 Investigate how some positions should change (i.e. using ACRL Standards, library trends, SWOT analyses, university priorities, faculty experience, student needs) yellow square

4.4 Create professional development plans for all employees yellow square