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Assessing the FLITE Strategic Plan: Initiative 2

Initiative 2: The library is an affirmative, attractive, responsive, safe “21st century" environment for users

Measures of Success:

  1. Users find multiple academic/support services in the library 
  2. Students cite the library as one reason they came to Ferris and/or were successful here 
  3. Online systems demonstrably meet user needs nad provide an enhanced user experience consistent with university systems and library community practice and standards.
  4. Gate count and usage increases for both physical and online resources.
  5. Students report feeling greater ownership of and pride in their library.

Action Steps:

2.1 Explore and implement a “library/learning commons” model in FLITE that balances current and emerging needs and expectations green square

2.2 Replace furniture, carpet, layouts, etc. to enhance the library’s attractiveness green square

2.3 Evaluate and replace enterprise and ancillary online systems green box equals success

2.4 Refresh online system user interfaces in ways that meet user needs and are consistent with common university standards for an enhanced user experience green box equals success

2.5 Create a meditation/prayer/reflection space to support goal 2.E of Ferris’ 2016-2021 Diversity and Inclusion Plan green square