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Assessing the FLITE Strategic Plan: Initiative 1

Initiative 1: Library collections and services are in strong demand based on data and best practices, and demonstrate value to current users

Measures of Success:

  1. We intentionally apply data, literature, etc. on an ongoing basis, and change accordingly.
  2. Users report increased satisfaction with library collections and services.
  3. Library usage correlates with student success (e.g. recruitment, retention, GPA, time to degree, and graduation rate).
  4. Students, faculty, and staff are able to articulate the value of the library in terms of what they do, and terms of the university overall.
  5. Results we report to the university garner greater fiscal support to the library (e.g. for collections.)

Action Steps:

1.1 Determine what we are currently doing well and how to expand/enhance that green square

1.2 Inventory data we do & do not yet have and find ways to gather, store, and interpret data we do not have yellow square

1.3 Find ways to correlate our data with other university data to demonstrate how we help further Academic Affairs’ and the university’s strategic plans and meet/exceed expectations yellow square

1.4 Engage library faculty and staff with data and the literature (e.g. ACRL’s Standards for Libraries in Higher Education) and apply same on a routine basis to refine services and programs red square

1.5 Report data/results to the university community to tell the library’s story red square