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Help - How do I get the Full Text?

Only finding an abstract or citation for an article when searching within databases?  No worries, just look for the Find It link or the Ferris FullText link.

The Find It link tends to look like one of the following:

Image of Yellow Box Find It link

Image of Find It as a regular hyperlink

The Ferris FullText looks like one of the following:

Ferris FullText link

Example Results List with Find It or Ferris FullText Link

Not all databases will display the results in the same format, but regardless of the results list's layout, locate the Find It or Ferris FullText link if the article isn't immediately available in full text. Below is an example of both the Find It link and the Ferris FullText link displaying in 2 different results sets.

Screenshots showing results lists, one with FindIt! and one with Ferris FullText


I clicked Find It or Ferris Full Text. Now What?????

After clicking on Find It, you may see one of the following:

1) Read Article or Download PDF: Click on either option to go directly to the article's full text. Automatically download the article and save it!

Screenshot of Read Article displaying for full text

Screenshot showing Download PDF for full text


2) Available online through the Library's linking system: Under View Online click on a link under Full text availability to link out to the desired resource.

Image of FLITE's full text linking screen with View Online circled, and under Full Text availability it states: Pick any link, and if for some reason the first link doesn't work, try another one (and please report the broken link)

3) Available through Google Scholar or Interlibrary Loan:  The library can't subscribe to every journal, but try Google Scholar to see if the article has been posted online, and if not you can use Interlibrary Loan to request an online copy of the article (Interlibrary Loan is free!).  You'll first be prompted to login with your MyFSU credentials to check for full text availability:

Select Ferris and then sign in with your MyFSU credentials

Next, try Google Scholar, and if that doesn't work for full text, you can use Interlibrary Loan!

Screenshot when full text is not immediately available.  Under heading How to get it Google Scholar is circled and the image states: 1. Try Google Scholar to see if full text is available. Next, Interlibrary Loan is circled anda the image states: 2. If no luck with Google Scholar use Interlibrary Loan - it's free!

If links are broken, please report broken links so we can fix them!  Please continue to the section below to learn how to use Interlibrary Loan.