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Recommended Databases: History: Home

Recommended Databases: History

Best Bets, Secondary Sources:

Covering the period prehistory-present, America: History and Life contains citations from publications on all aspects of U.S. and Canadian history. Selective indexing for journals published since 1955.
Guide to using America: History and Life

Historical Abstracts provides selective indexing of historical articles from more than 2,000 journals in over 40 languages back to 1955 covering the history of the world (excluding the United States and Canada) from 1450 forward.

JSTOR offers full-text articles from over 2,000 core journals in many academic disciplines including History. Coverage in JSTOR usually starts with each journal's first issue and ends 3-5 years before the most recently published issues.
Guide to using JSTOR

Best Bets, Primary Sources:

Browse or search American Periodicals for periodicals and journals published in the U.S. between 1740 and 1900, including periodicals published during the Civil War.

A collection of primary source documents, Empire Online covers the rise and fall of European empires from 1500 through the twentieth century.

The Gerritsen Collection is an internationally renowned resource covering women's history. The Gerritsen database contains over 2 million full-text, digitized pages spanning books, periodicals, and pamphlets from 1543-1945.

Through primary source documents, Global Commodities traces the history and impact on world history of such products as oil, cotton, and tobacco from 1500 to the present.

This database contains complete full-text coverage (including articles, editorials, ads, and obituaries) from every issue of the New York Times from its inception in 1851 through the recent past.
Guide to using Historical Newspapers

Other Historical Newspaper databases available at FLITE are:

Also Try:

History is among the fields in the humanities covered in this database. Indexing for nearly 700 journals extends back to 1910 and full-text is available for articles from over 300 journals.

This digital archive documents state history. Drawn from the Sabin collection and other Gale sources, the archive provides access to a wide variety of documents: personal narratives and memoirs, pamphlets and political speeches, sermons and songs, legal treatises and children's books.

Project Muse offers full-text articles encompassing many academic disciplines including History. Full-text coverage for each journal varies but usually starts in the mid- to late- 1990s.


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