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ENGL 150 (Nelson) - Spring 2014: Home

Class help page for Nate Nelson's English 150 course taught Spring 2014


Welcome to FLITE's help page for ENGL 150.  You will find a wealth of resources for working with your research for this class and for many other classes to come.

General Research Help



Project Information Literacy Online Tutorial

For Class

ENGL 150 Pre-Class Assignment to be completed before Wednesday, January 22 class time.

STEP 1.  Take PILOT pre-assessment.  You will need to create a login as instructed.  Email results to your instructor. (Email Librarian Kristy Motz if you have problems.)

STEP 2.  Take PILOT modules 1-5. Do not email the individual module quiz results.

STEP 3.  Take PILOT post-assessment.  Email results to your instructor.

STEP 4.  Print out the Worksheet below

STEP 5.  Using what you have learned, find article and complete worksheet

STEP 6.  Celebrate

STEP 7.  Bring Article and completed Worksheet to class on Wednesday, January 22.

Subject Guide

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Stacy Anderson

Mari Kermit-Canfield

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Mari Kermit-Canfield