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Multi-Cultural Book Titles (Juvenile Collection): Home

Library catalog

If you want books, the library catalog is the place to look.  Type in your title, author, or keywords and find out what we've got!

(Find the Catalog tab on FLITE's homepage.)

To specify multi-cultural books, follow these steps:

  • Type your assigned culture into the Encore catalog search box: Asian (search Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. as well), Hispanic, Jewish, Native American, African-American, etc.
  • From your results page, scroll down the left column until you can select under "Search Found In" the word Subject for your term.
  • From the resulting list, scroll down the left column and select under "Locations", the words FSU Juvenile 1st Floor.

Book Suggestions?

What books would you suggest adding to these lists?

Multi-Cultural Book Lists from FLITE Juvenile Collection

This guide lists multi-cultural material for children and young adults from the FLITE collection, but the list is not exhaustive. Refer to the Scholastic article: "How to Choose the Best Multi-Cultural Books".

FLITE Locations:

  • Juvenile Easy Fiction books are picture books, generally suited for younger children.  They are shelved by author's last name.
  • Juvenile Fiction books are titles written primarily for young adults, of middle school and high school age and are also shelved by author's last name.
  • Juvenile Non-Fiction books are shelved by the A-Z classification number corresponding to the subject of the book:  history, poetry, science, ABCs, etc.

Check the Big Rapids Community Library catalog for books as well.   Your student card allows you to check out books from the public library.

Multi-Cultural Joy

Patricia Polacco lives in the Thumb area of Michigan.

Subject Guide

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