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ENGL 250 (Nickles): Basics

Resources to help with your argumentative research paper.

General Research Help

All the librarians in FLITE were hired to make your life easier. We can't do that unless you bring us your questions.


Welcome to FLITE's help page for your ENGL 250 class.  You will find a wealth of resources for working with your research for this class and for many other classes to come.

Where to start

FLITE has a number of choices for those times when Wikipedia just won't cut it as you learn more about your topic.

image of a compass

Calsidyrose. (2010). Compass Study [photo]. CC. Retrieved from

You can look in CREDO Reference, which covers topics just like Wikipedia, and then move on to databases.

Finding the Right Words to Search

Suggestions to help you search:

  • Combine key nouns/short phrases of your search with AND or OR.
    Example: Instead of searching Facebook social networking try searching Facebook AND social networking.

  • Come up with synonyms.
    Example: If you can't find anything for dating, try human courtship.

  • Need peer-reviewed journal articles? On the results screen, click on the Peer-Reviewed Journals tab

  • Spelling! Remember that computers are picky about it. A single misspelled word can mean the difference between great results and no results at all.
    Need to check your spelling?

  • Ask for help.
    We really mean it! We can't help if you don't ask.

Subject Guide

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