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Need information about Education resources? Find selected databases, hand-picked high-quality websites, and other help for conducting Education research.

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EDLA 476 - Where to start


Designed as the capstone course for the Elementary Language Arts minors. This course explores the use of the authoring cycle to support reading, writing, and inquiry as the foundation of an integrated elementary curriculum. Techniques to assist children in formulating questions, evaluating sources, and presenting findings are included. Emphasizes collaborative learning and community support within the classroom.

FLITE has a number of choices far better than Wikipedia as you research your topics.

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Calsidyrose. (2010). Compass Study [photo]. CC. Retrieved from


This reference book might be helpful:  The Blackwell Handbook of Language Development

Research Topic possibilities: The 2015 What's Hot, What's Not Literacy Survey.  (Open the pdf in full-text to the left. You will need to login with your user name and password if off campus.)

Cassidy, J. D., & Grote-Garcia, S. G. (2014). What's hot ... & what's not. Reading Today, 32(2), 8-12.

More information about the What's Hot, What's Not Literacy Survery.


New Book: Learning the Hard Way: Masculinity, Place and the Gender Gap in Education

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