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Need information about Education resources? Find selected databases, hand-picked high-quality websites, and other help for conducting Education research.

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EDUC 415 (Flachs) - Where to start

Course description:  EDUC 415 will introduce pre-service teachers to strategies to accommodate the needs of exceptional and diverse learners in K-12 classrooms. Also included will be a brief historical perspective of the field of special education, particularly as it relates to K-12 education, including legislation and litigation, causes of disabilities, academic and social characteristics, basic assessment and intervention procedures, special education services/programming, the role of the family and community, and accommodating gifted and talented students.

FLITE has a number of choices far better than Wikipedia as you research your topics.

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Calsidyrose. (2010). Compass Study [photo]. CC. Retrieved from

You can look in any of these online reference tools:  the Encyclopedia of Disability, the Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Cognitive Development, the Encyclopedia of School Psychology, or any other online reference tool in our collection of education encyclopedias.

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