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Focusing your PubMed Search

You may be searching a broad topic, but need to filter your results to be relevant to dental care. Limiting your results to the Dental journals subset is an effective way to focus your search.

Below are steps to limit your results to Dental journals in PubMed.

Step 1: After you've run a search in PubMed, use the left-hand filters and keep scrolling until you see the box that says Additional filters.

Screenshot showing above step for scrolling to Additional filters

Step 2: Select Additional Filters

Screenshot of Step 2

Step 3: Once in Additional Filters, select Journal.  Check the box next to Dental journals and select Show.  Note: Your filter is still not applied, see next step!

Step 4: Journal will then display in the left-hand filters menu. Check the Dental journals box!

Screenshot of step 4 indicating to be sure to check box next to Dental journals