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FSUS 100 /HONORS 100: When you're in FLITE...

In case you missed it

Here's a summary of all the information presented in your FSUS FLITE class. 

Check out laptops in FLITE

41 Laptops are available at the Check-out Desk for 4 hour use in the FLITE building. (7 of them are Macs.)  Check out with your student ID.

The overdue fee is $15.00 per hour

Study Rooms

Located throughout three floors of FLITE are 55 study rooms available for check-out. They may be checked out for 4 hours.  Check out with your student ID.

The overdue fee for study rooms is $15.00/hour so be sure to return keys on time. See the Check-out Desk staff.

FLITE offers a family study room and 2 open study rooms off our entry area.  There are 7 additional first-come, first-serve new study rooms on second floor.

Off-Campus Access To Databases and Resources

Below is a screenshot of the login page you'll see as you access library materials off-campus. Use your MyFSU username and password to login.

Screenshot of the EZProxy login page

Printing in FLITE

Black and white pages cost .10/page and color are .25/page.

You will use your MyFSU username and password to print in FLITE.  Just click Print, enter your username and password, and walk over to the release station by the printer. Put in your username and password again, and select what you want to print!

Printers are on the First Floor near the Information Commons, on the Second Floor near the Information Desk, and in the Extended Studies area (room 158). All print stations on the First Floor let you add money to your account (cash only).

For more information, including printing in color and printing from your laptop, see Printer Directions.

Other FLITE computers

Computers on 1st Floor have Arts & Sciences software on them, and do not require a password.

Computers on 2nd and 3rd Floor provide special software (see FLITE software link) and are reserved for Ferris student/faculty/staff use only. Use them with your MyFSU username and password.

If you cannot find an open computer, please speak to the Check-out Desk staff. They may be able to open an instruction studio to provide more computers for students.

Cell phones and noise

Cell phones should be silenced when in FLITE. You can use them for calls in the Extended Hours area, the lobby entrance, the elevator corridors on each floor, any of the enclosed stairwells, or in a study room.

image of mute button

Quiet areas are designated in the 3rd Floor seating and computer areas and the Extended Hours area (only when the main part of FLITE is closed.)

For more information see the Noise Policy.


image: Keogh, J. (2012). "mute button [photo]." CC-NC. Retrieved from