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Critical Thinking & Evaluating Information

This guide is meant to present a brief overview on critical thinking and evaluating information.

Sources & Links

Credit & thank you to Jo Angela Oehrli, Learning Librarian - University of Michigan - A shared discussion and work for a KCAD class presentation inspired the creation of these modules.

Credit & thank you to Donna St. John - KCAD - For a further discussion on critical thinking and her teaching expertise. 


eBooks available (KCAD/FSU)

Cohen, Martin. Critical Thinking Skills For Dummies. Wiley, 2015.

Horvath, Christopher P., and James M. Forte. Critical Thinking. Nova Science Publishers, 2011.

Matthew Freeman, and Tiffany Jana. Overcoming Bias. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2016.


Foundation for Critical Thinking -

"What is Critical Thinking" by Joe Lau and Jonathan Chan, University of Hong Kong - 

Critical Thinking Cheat Sheet - 

IFLA – Fake News - 

Media Bias -

Interactive Media Bias Chart –

Is it newsworthy? Cheat Sheet - NewseumEd - 


Critical thinking -
Bias -
News -