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FLITE Book Request

FLITE Book Request

  • FLITE staff will pull book requests for you and hold them for pickup or send to be delivered to faculty and staff offices.  Allow up to 24 hours for staff to pull and check out the material for you
  • Once you have received your email indicating that the book has been pulled you can pick up your item at the FLITE checkout desk (Faculty and staff can choose to have items delivered)
  • Bring ID.  No ID, no book
  • The books will already be checked out to you with the due date indicated

How to place a book request:

From the main library page ( select the books facet from the menu choices.

Book Search

Search for your book and sign in with your MYFSU Credentials to request the book.  You must log in to place a request (hold). You can log in before or after your search. There are two places where you can log in.

Sign In to Account

If book says available, you may place a request on the item.  Click request. 


Another feature of our book search is called Virtual browse.  Click on that to view books nearby on the shelf.  

Virtual Browse

Click on send request and you are done.  The book will be pulled, checked out to you, and waiting for pick up or delivery.  We will pull books multiple times per day.  You will receive an email when the books are pulled.  

Send Request