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No turning back : the history of feminism and the future of women - Estelle B. Freedman.
ISBN: 0345450531
Publication Date:2003
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Our bodies, ourselves : a new edition for a new era - the Boston Women's Health Book Collective.
Publication Date:2005
Includes information on abortion, abuse, adolescent girls, aging, alcoholism, black women, breast cancer, breast feeding, breasts, cancer, cervix, cesarean sections, clitoris, clitoridectomy, complementary health practies, condoms, cramps, depression, diabetes, diets, women with disabilities, drugs, eating disorders, environmental and occupational health, estrogen, food, hormones, hormone therapy, hysterectomy, infertility, IUDs, labor, lesbians, masturbation, menopause, menstrual cycle, menstruation, miscarriage, Native Americans, orgasms, pelvic inflammatory disease, penis, pesticides, poverty, racism, rape, sexuality trransmitted infrctions (STIs), sexual orientation, smoking, support groups, vagina, violence, women of color, etc.
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Sex and sexuality - edited by Richard D. McAnulty and M. Michele Burnette.
Publication Date: 2006
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The vagina monologues - Eve Ensler.
Publication Date: 2001
A poignant and hilarious tour of the last frontier, the ultimate forbidden zone, The vagina monologues is a celebration of female sexuality in all its complexity and mystery. Hailed as the bible for a new generation of women, it has been performed in cities all across America and at hundreds of college campuses, and has inspired a dynamic grassroots movement--V-Day--to stop violence against women. Witty and irreverent, compassionate and wise, Eve Ensler's Obie Award-winning masterpiece gives voice to real women's deepest fantasies and fears, guaranteeing that no one who reads it will ever look at a woman's body, or think of sex, in quite the same way again.

The electronic version of this resource is available here.

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