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COMM 299: Search Strategy


Developing Your Search Strategy

  • Make a thesis statement about your assignment. What is your project going to answer or develop? What do you already know about your topic?
  • Look over your assignment. Highlight the main point and key words you need for your search strategy.
  • Identify key concepts. What two or three words describe the major points of your project?
  • Think about alternate forms and synonyms of the words used.
  • Develop "concept blocks", each concept block made of similar words that describe a topic, then link the topics together to see if you can get specific information about your thesis statement

Starting Your Search

  • Use reference sources to get a broad overview of your topic.
  • Use books to gain more background and depth about the topic.
  • Move finally to journal articles to gain more current information and targeted specific facts and updates about the topic, and to substantiate your theories and research.
  • Use reliable websites sparingly to add currency and authority if you are unable to find the materials in other ways.

Subject Guide

Stacy Anderson